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Laura’s Bio

Laura Westley War VirginLaura Westley, aka, the War Virgin, hails from New Port Richey, Florida and graduated from West Point in 2001 with a degree in Chemistry and a minor in Nuclear Engineering.  She commissioned as an officer in the US Army Adjutant’s General Corps and was assigned to the Aviation Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division in Savannah, Georgia.  On March 21, 2003, Laura and her unit were a part of the initial Iraq invasion.

During the war Laura maintained impeccable accountability of over 1500 soldiers across the combat theater.  She also acted as a purchasing agent and was responsible for procuring supplies in both the Kuwait City and Baghdad markets.

Laura earned a MBA while still serving in the Army and departed from military service in 2006. She then worked for nearly a decade in the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in technology platforms designed to capture patient data in Simultaneously, Laura created War Virgin – her platform dedicated to inspiring personal liberation and promoting equality.

Through War Virgin, Laura is the author of the forthcoming book, War Virgin, and she is a playwright, performer and veteran mental health advocate.  Laura’s musical comedy show, titled War Virgin, has been performed throughout Massachusetts and Tampa Bay and has been featured in The Boston Globe and The Tampa Tribune.  Later this year Laura expects to take her show on a national tour.

Laura has been published in The Washington Post, interviewed on Sirius XM Radio and invited to speak at many veteran conferences.

Currently, Laura is launching a Military Mental Health Consultancy.  After working with mental health providers in Boston, as a patient and a presenter, she wants to expand this service in a more official capacity to her fellow Tampa Bay citizens.  Laura is the ideal person to work with mental health providers who want to better understand military culture and relate to their veteran patients.  For more information, please contact Laura.