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Mental Health Advocacy

Many veterans are literally dying because they feel isolated, misunderstood and under appreciated.  As their mental health provider, are you offering them your very best?  Could you benefit from arming yourself with more training to better understand the nuances and peculiarities of their one-of-a-kind experiences?  Your patients were willing to die for your freedom.  Are you therefore willing to enhance your education so you can provide them with the best treatment and relationship possible?

Laura Westley, aka War Virgin, is a West Point graduate, former Army Captain and Iraq War Veteran.  Laura is also a Military Mental Heath Consultant who stands at the ready – yearning to gift you with her unmatched ability to speak about the veteran experience through the lens of mental health treatment.

Laura underwent 5 years of intensely focused, gratifying, life-changing, successful and enjoyable psychotherapy Newton, MA – an epicenter of top-notch mental health care.  Now Laura wants to ensure that every veteran has access to the same quality of treatment – by ensuring that you are prepared to take your patients on an effective healing journey.

You will thoroughly enjoy working with Laura – a gifted communicator, writer, storyteller and performer who also has a MBA and years of corporate consulting experience.  Laura has so many tools in her arsenal of healing, and she’s ready to share them with you!

Goals and Benefits

Recommended Goals

  • Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of the Military Experience
  • Boost Your Confidence to Effectively Heal Veterans
  • Bridge the Military-Civilian Gap
  • Foster More Trustworthy Relationships with Your Veteran Patients
  • Provide a Consistent Treatment Program
  • Customize Your Methodologies Based on Your Veteran’s Unique Needs
  • Provide a Warm and Safe Environment
  • Garner Respect from Your Veteran Patients
  • Establish Yourself as a Knowledgeable Source of Military Experiences

Program Benefits

By partaking in this unique educational experience, you are proactively arming yourself with the knowledge necessary to effectively treat your veteran patients. You are showing up and giving them your very best. Your patients will be more motivated to allow you to lead them on their healing journey. They will become healthier, happier and go on to lead more fulfilling lives.


  •  1:1 Consulting
    • Individual Case Review
    • Role Playing
    • Veteran-friendly Makeover
  • Interactive Workshops to Include:
    • Submitting to Authority
    • Gun Indoctrination
    • Suppressing Emotions to Fight Missions Without Fear
    • Motivating Your Patient to Better Engage in Therapy
    • Therapeutic Storytelling
    • Fighting Discrimination
    • More…
  • Seminars and Presentations on Customized Topics
  • Laura’s Personal Story – War Virgin the Memoir and Musical Comedy Show
  • Academic Curriculum Development
  • Specialized Topics
    • The unique experience of Women Veterans
    • Thriving at Military Service Academies
    • Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
    • Survivor’s Guilt
    • Lack of Personal Worth
    • Absence of Credit for Military Service, Especially Combat
    • Isolation
    • Emotional Support Dogs
    • Shortage of Appropriate Social Groups
    • Imposter Syndrome
    • Sarcasm and Humor
    • Adjusting to Corporate Work and Culture
    • Starting Over and Struggling to Remain Relevant
    • Religious Oppression
    • Childhood Abuse
    • Identity Struggles
    • Battling Other Service Connected Illnesses – Ex. GI Diseases, Chronic Pain, etc.