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West Point Women’s Athena Conference Memorial Service, April 2016

Laura Westley honors her fallen West Point sisters with the song, “Wherever You Go.”

Laura Westley, aka War Virgin, speaks about sexual assault in the military.

New Port Richey Public Library, April 2016.

Hats off to Courageous Democratic Women

Laura Westley, aka War Virgin, speaks about her experiences with politics and the military for the Pasco County Democratic Party. New Port Richey, FL. May 14, 2016.

Daytime TV WFLA – May: Military Appreciation and Mental Health Awareness Month

Laura Westley, aka War Virgin, and Cristina Mantilla, LMHC, discuss ways to show appreciation to veterans who may struggle with mental health issues. Special appearances by their therapy dogs, Savannah and Chloe. Daytime TV hosts – Jerry Penacoli and Cyndi Edwards.

Leave No Women Behind: Keynote Address at International Women’s Day Lunch

Laura Westley was the keynote speaker at the Working Women of Tampa Bay’s International Women’s Day Luncheon on March 4, 2016 and inspired the crowd with her speech, “Leave No Women Behind.”

Time To Say Goodbye

Performed April 19, 2015 in St. Petersburg, Florida

Beat Navy Spirit Video 2015

“Cadet Adele” hopes Army can Beat Navy!

Video: Beat Navy Spirit Video 2013

Video: Daytime TV WFLA – Women’s History Month

Laura Westley (War Virgin) and Carol Barkalow (In the Men’s House) discuss their memoirs, the past and current state of the military with respect to women and the Marines United scandal.

Video: Great Day Tampa Bay, WTSP Channel 10: Female War Heroes share amazing stories!

Laura Westley (War Virgin) and Carol Barkalow (In the Men’s House) discuss how far the military has come and how much more work needs to be done so that women can live out their fullest potential.

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