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War Virgin: The Show

bodyshot2aDid you know that combat can be one of the most sexually charged environments in existence? And have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when an attractive, naïve, virginal, young Army woman deploys to war with hundreds of healthy, testosterone-laden men? Or, what happens when that innocent woman is asked to invade Iraq and suddenly gets the worst period of her life?

If you want a hilarious, shocking, tell-all account of the Iraq invasion – the version they didn’t share on CNN – then watch War Virgin perform her musical comedy show. Be regaled with true stories of her militarily influenced coming-of-age, starting with West Point – or what she fondly describes as the world’s biggest sausage fest. Then hear all about how the Iraq war ironically catalyzed her own sexual liberation, after being religiously repressed for her entire life.

No veteran or West Point graduate has ever offered such a candid, irreverent look at the comically naughty, sexually-charged underbelly of the military.

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